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First Run by Goldenwolf First Run by Goldenwolf
"She had done it, it had worked! Praise the moon she had survived where so few had in the past. She was born anew, and look at her! She was gorgeous in her new pelt of white and gold, her golden eyes shining in the moonlight. The blessed moonlight that had enabled her transformation from a normal human to a strong member of his race. He didn't kid himself, however. He knew it was all her doing. She was strong in heart and mind and had the soul of a wolf, which was rare. Power and grace were hers as she tested her new body, reveling in her speed and senses. Gods, she was beautiful, his soul mate. The change had been almost laughably easy compared to others he had witnessed. Had she not wanted this, had she resisted it...but she hadn't. She hadn't, and had survived.

Mentally he shook himself and kept pace with her, watching her excitement at her first run in her new form, her beautiful lupine face glowing. This life she was a part of now was perilous and dark, nothing like the life she had known before. But there was no small amount of magic in it as well, and nothing was more joyous to a Kierrn than to simply run. He remembered his first run well as he kept pace with her through the moonshadowed forest. To suddenly lose a sluggish and slow human body and to all at once be able to run like the very wind itself, to move without effort, almost without thought, as if you possessed wings....

Soon he would have to teach her to fight, to hunt, to kill and feed, but for now he simply allowed her this bliss, allowed her to take joy in what she now was as they ran side by side under the glowing moon."

Yep, another colored Kierrn [link] piece by yours truly.
Two Kierrn (werewolves) run in their Wolfen (near wolf) forms under a rising moon.
My usual watercolor and colored pencil on 14 X 8 Bristol with a limited pallette and muted colors for that whole dreamy, night time effect.
And yes, Kierrn paws ARE that big, because these are NOT wolves.
The 'official' page for this piece can be found here [link]

What can I say? I adore my children...fur, fangs, and all :)
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October 24, 2004
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